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Energizing Goji – Maca Smoothie

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Getting nowhere with the same old routines? Take a fresh look at your diet and especially your breakfast.

Loaded with proteins to feed your muscles, energizing anti-oxidants, and heart healthy fats, this delicious smoothie is sure to become a new breakfast favourite!

Organic Macaroot

The people of Peru have used Maca for hundreds of years as a staple food to increase energy, enhance stamina, mental clarity and balance the hormones. It is also said to have powerful aphrodisiac properties, hence its nickname ‘Spanish Viagra’

You may use it sparingly..!


1 cups coconut milk

½ avocado

½ cup goji berries (read more on this here)

2 teaspoons organic maca powder

½ tablespoon cacao powder

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (preferably Sunwarrior)

½ cup fresh Pomegranate

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 frozen banana

Mix all the ingredients well together in a blender.


Start your day fuelled up and feeling energized with all the goodies in ya belly!

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