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8 Spring Body Boost Tips

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Put the pep back into your diet that’s designed to strengthen your immunity after the dark winter months. If that sound complicated, I have good news for you; it’s easy – peasy!

1. Ditch Caffeine

Reaching for another cappuccino for a quick pick me up? Caffeine picks you up only to dump you back down, so stop the roller – coaster effect by cutting your intake to a couple of cups a week. Reach for a mug of green tea or rooibos for a healthier start to your morning.

 2. Eat green

Leafy greens equal a happy body and a slimmer waistline. These dark green beauties help to improve liver detoxification by pushing toxins out of your body. Make sure you fill half your plate with kale, broccoli or spinach at lunch and dinner for a clearer skin and flat tummy.

3. Drink up

Feeling hungry? Knock back a glass of water. Upping your intake of liquids helps to keep cravings at bay while reducing bloating. Make sure you drink at least two liter of water every day, and opt for coconut water and herbal teas over sugar and sweetener packed drinks.

4. Shop smart

A well thought – out shopping list is a handy companion when you hit the supermarket. Deciding what to restock your fridge with in advance helps to reduce the temptation to fill your trolley with treats, and keeps cost down.

5. Keep track

Logging everything you eat in a food diary can help you to track your journey with food – and it will help you to make healthier choices in the long run. Monitoring everything that passes your lips is the key to cleaner, healthier eating. A handy phone app from MyNetDiary works wonders. It is user-friendly helps to figure out whether you are eating for hunger or boredom.

6. Eat breakfast

Yes, I have said it before, but say it again – a healthy breakfast is Loading up on the good stuff first thing will help you dodge unhealthy cravings later. Research by Imperial College of London shows those who skip breakfast are more attracted to fatty, unhealthy food later in the day – and eat more of it. Make sure you start your day with a tasty and filling brekkie. Try Gluten free porridge sprinkled with seeds and berries and almond milk or scrambled eggs with spinach and flaxseed.

7. Sleep well

When sleep deprivation hits, it hits hard, sending your hormones on a roller – coaster ride in search of sugar. Research published in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes revealed that for each 30 mins sleep lost a day, we eat, on average, an extra 83 calories a day. Because sleep sends the hormones that control Leptin (the protein that controls fat) and Ghrelin (which stimulates appetite) out of whack. So make sure you switch of any electrical item 30 minutes before bed and get an adequate 8 hours a day.

8. Fuel up

Whatever you do, don’t go hungry! Eating every three hours helps to keep your blood sugar level on an even keel and keep fat gain at bay, so make sure you fuel up sensibly throughout a day. Keep healthy snacks like raw nuts, Bounce balls and fresh fruit on hand to nibble on when you need a boost, but don’t graze all day long! Eat maximum 6 times a day, including the snacking.

Most people have their eye on the summer holidays now. The clever people will know that to get a great beach body. They have to start now (or do what they did last year, and end up wishing they started earlier).  Contact me now for more information on how I can help 🙂

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