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I was on holiday looking at the mirror absolutely annoyed at how big my belly had got. Yes, I have 3 kids but trust me, this was certainly not just because of that lol. I found Fabiola online and quickly made an enquiry. I told her my 10 year vow renewal ceremony and party was coming up and I would like to have a flat tummy for the event! I genuinely did not think 8 weeks was enough time to achieve this goal. However, there is nothing wrong in stating ones hopes and dreams.

We had signed up to gyms in the past and ended up not going or actually went and not worked as hard as we should have. This made my husband sceptical when I initially told him about the idea of a personal trainer, also he never actually liked going to the gym. This is why I was super surprised when he signed up after hearing Fabiola speak for 15minutes at my first consultation with her. Now there were two of us for her to train!.

Fabiola literally brought the gym to our home! She conducted sessions at times convenient for us! She provided meal plans, dietary advice! There was no excuse to fall behind on our part. Sometimes she would get the session and my not so motivated self would pretend I was ill just to get out of it and she could see right through me lol. She kept reminding me of my goal! She encouraged me and pushed me to do better, she did not take no for an answer and it worked!

She came up with excercises my husband and I could do together so we could motivate each other in her absence. My husband and I both achieved our goals in 8 weeks! I got the flat tummy with added abs coming through. I am in the best shape I have been in 10 years and I owe that all to Fabiola.

Although the 8 weeks are up, she has changed our lives. We eat better, we work out and we are living much healthier and happier lives, thanks to her support. I thoroughly recommend her. Thank you Fabiola.

Kerry Benson

Elisabeth Olusoji

Natalie Loughborough & Darren Martin

Darren and I train jointly with Fabiola as a PT. Right from day one, Fabiola has taken the time to understand our overall needs…I would go so far as to say that she is the first true overall personal training professional that I have encountered.

Prior to commencing a course of sessions with her, Fabiola took time to ensure that she understood our measurements, our goals, our current exercise and nutrition, as well as taking into consideration all contra-indicators/injuries.

Fabiola takes overall care of the programme she provides and this continues throughout each week and between sessions. Sessions are varied and programmes are interesting, sometimes with individual working, sometimes working as a pair. She is very good at pushing you a little out of the comfort zone to endeavour to get results but does it all with humour and compassionate nature.

If you all looking for a true Online Personal Trainer who knows her stuff, focuses as much on your health/well being as your training as well as looking after you like a fairy godmother in between sessions, Fabiola is your lady!

What are you waiting for today is the day to book your sessions!

Tom Lawrence

” I have been working with Fabiola for quite a few months now. I’ve removed 3 stones and over 30 inches of fat. My fitness level increased and blood pressure dropped to normal. She motivates me not only in her sessions but to do other exercise and her dietary knowledge and support have been awesome. I highly recommend Fabiola as I haven’t been this fit for 30+ years! ”


I’ve been a client of Fabiola’s since autumn 2015. When I have applied myself to her diet and exercise plans I have lost 12% of my body fat, putting me within healthy limits. I am maintaining my weight loss and have made huge gains in terms of strength and endurance, all with her help and support. She’s very approachable, energetic and knows how to inspire. I can see why her clients tend to stay with her for years.

Emma Sames

Before deciding to try personal training, I believed that it was possible to simply make small tweaks to my diet in order to lose the few extra pounds I was carrying. But having tried for months to cherry pick various bits of nutrition advice from the sea of confusing and conflicting information out there, I found that my weight remained the same and my confusion about how to eat correctly was exacerbated. I approached personal training with an open mind to see if it could provide clarity.

Fab’s tailored exercise and nutrition advice made me realise the importance of increasing my activity level, something I had hugely underestimated previously and also taught me exactly how to eat in order to achieve weight loss. In two months, I lost three kilos and felt empowered to maintain control of my own health.

Fab is incredibly dedicated to her clients and is hugely passionate about what she does. If there was something which I was struggling with, she was there to offer support and advice, tailoring it to my personal needs.

Our weekly sessions were fun and varied, introducing me to new exercises and pushing me further than I would myself.

If you are struggling to take control of your health and are lacking direction/ motivation, I would highly recommend working with Fab. Her enthusiasm is infectious and, in addition to the fantastic advice, is what gave me the focus I had been lacking previously. I will definitely be returning if I lose my way again!

Hugh Coulter

“My original personal aims were fairly limited: to increase core-strength and to reduce upper body fat percentage, but after two years of being trained each week, by Fabiola, I am altogether fitter, firmer, leaner, sharper and feel really good about myself (even my wife says how good I look).

Fabiola has achieved this for me via a balanced personal relationship (instructor but a friend), a psychological insight into what motivates me, a balanced performance management style (driving/pushing while encouraging / praising) and great variety in the training activities.”


Helen Mansfield

Diana Ainsley

Fabiola is a great personal trainer. She is bubbly, makes training fun – I hate exercise! She tailors the programme to my needs, both medical and fitness-related, but varies it so I don’t get bored. She is confidential, knowledgeable & supportive.

David Nattrass

Before I met Fabiola my general overall fitness was poor, I was overweight with a poor body posture. I had been diagnosed with having a chronic lung function and capacity although never been a smoker and was suffering from regular bouts of heartburn and indigestion after most meals and also waking up regularly through the night with acid reflux.
Having now trained with Fabiola for the past six months she has suggested changes to my diet, giving in-depth reasons and explanations for all the necessary changes have has resulted in the eradication of my heartburn/indigestion problems after eating and through the night.
Though the workouts my posture has improved along with my fitness and I have lost 1.5 stone and 15 inches of body fat whilst toning up all around body shape. In a recent medical my lung capacity and function test came back as normal reversing last year’s results from chronic.
The weekly workouts have been varied with changes to the routines every week so they are never repetitive making for interesting sessions each time, also the home exercise routines she prepared for you are regularly updated to target different areas.

If you are looking for a personal trainer for whatever reason I highly recommend Fabiola, I’m positive you will enjoy and see results training with her.

Martina Hodgson

“After having my first baby, I had a stone of excess baby weight to lose, which made me feel unattractive and unconfident.”

I started training with Fabiola because she is qualified in pre and post-natal training, and by the time my baby was a year old I had lost all the weight, and in fact felt in better shape than ever. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t hard work, but Fabiola supported me the whole way, giving me diet and lifestyle advice.

Every session was different so I never got bored and she always knew just how hard to push me – but not too hard! Once I’d reached my target, I carried on training because I felt so much better about myself and stronger physically- and you need to be fit to run around after a toddler!

Then she has seen me through the pregnancy and birth of my second child, after which was in the shape of my life thanks to her help. She is always coming up with new exercises to keep things interesting and has helped me with many issues with my body including my hip dysplasia. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their diet and fitness, lose weight, get stronger and have fun at the same time!

Sarah Allison

I have worked with Fabiola for some time now & she has really motivated me to get healthy, get in shape & become an expert in myself. Her sessions are packed with intense exercise but based on research and knowledge.

Her BodyID System has completely changed the way I look at food and nutrition. I would highly recommend Fabiola whether you’re only just getting in shape or want to take your fitness to a new level!

Dr Roger R.

“I have been lucky enough to enjoy the services of Fabiola as a personal trainer over 2 years. She is professional, enthusiastic and passionate about her work. During our initial consultation, she listened carefully to what I was looking for and designed a program around these goals.

Over the time I spent with her there was a huge improvement in general strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. She will push you very hard and get you doing things which at first seem impossible!

But she never pushed me too far and over the time we trained together I never had an injury. This was important to me because I suffered from injuries when worked out with previous instructors. I would certainly recommend her as a personal trainer.”

Lucy Rider

In a moment of madness in late 2009 I decided that I would like to run a marathon the following year and decided that I needed the help of a qualified personal trainer to achieve this and so started working with Sylvia to help me build up to running 26.2 miles the following May. I have now run 3 full marathons with a personal best of 4 hours 52 minutes, 5 half marathons.

Dr Timothy Sheard 

I have been skiing for many years and know the importance of preconditioning to get the most out of your holiday especially as you get older. Fabiola has put together a very individual and varied program again, which has kept my interest up. We have focused on anaerobic, core exercises and coordination, which was missing, from my previous gym regimes in the past. Also, many of the specific exercises we have done can be repeated at home without gym equipment. It has helped me keep up with my kids on the slopes! I would certainly recommend her for anyone looking to do some ski – conditioning training!

Kitty Chu

“One day in the gym, I decided that my work out was not helping me achieve my goals. I wanted to push myself further and improve my Squash Performance while having fun and enjoying the exercise a challenge. This is when I spoke to Fabiola. She was in great shape and had so much energy.

She definitely gave me enough motivation to start training with her. At first, we spent a few sessions getting to know each other training styles and needs. She looked at my whole lifestyle including diet, hydration and rest/sleep pattern, analysed it and provided useful recommendations to help me reach my goals. She was very knowledgeable and fun to train with.

Fabiola had introduced me to many innovative training styles, which I had enjoyed thoroughly. She listens to what my likes and dislike were and we had regular assessments to measure our achievement. I was very pleased with my training with her and Fabiola definitely sets a very high standard for other personal trainers to follow.

I had achieved long-lasting goals and above in a short space of time. Training with Fabiola fitted in with my busy lifestyle very well. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is after a dedicated and client-focused personal trainer.”

Claire McLennan

“In July 2012 I’d got to the point of generally feeling meh and couldn’t feel comfortable in any of my clothes. Looking at photos my nose even looked fat to me! Commuting to Sheffield on trains from Morley; hidden sugar and long breaks between eating had taken their toll. I got the shock of my life when I started with Fabiola when she weighed me: over 11 stone; the heaviest I’d ever been and at 5 foot 2 really not good.

My diet and lifestyle were completely overhauled: I started walking to the station; swimming; Zumba and finally Bokwa in addition to personal training sessions every other week. The sessions were hard but I could see the benefits and it gave me the confidence to keep going. In August 2012 I got engaged and so I had a really big goal to aim for.

In the end, I lost a stone; toned up and lost 6 inches from around my belly button! I felt loads better and felt a million dollars in my wedding dress!

I would definitely recommend Fabiola to anyone who needs a kick up the bum and prepared to work hard – the end result is totally worth it!”

Suzie Bogle

I have trained with Fabiola for over a year and the changes she has brought to my body and my lifestyle have been excellent. I feel stronger and healthier, with more knowledge of what my body needs in terms of nutrition and exercise. I enjoy the sessions with Fabiola, she pushes me just the right amount and makes allowances for my “off days”. I have also had a number of injuries – bad knees and a fall from a bike – which Fabiola has taken into consideration and helped with the rehabilitation. She looked at my posture and how I walk and recommended exercises which have really helped with knee and hip aches.

She has also taught me how to run! I never thought I would enjoy running but Fabiola showed me the correct breathing techniques (a major hurdle) and started me off slowly and gently, giving me encouragement and praise. My favourite exercises are TRX, kettlebells and boxing. Fabiola is great on spotting errors in technique and putting them right so you get the best from your exercise.

I am very grateful to Fabiola for her expertise, encouragement and support. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for personal training.

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