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Essential Nutrition

The essential nutritional package

Are you ready to end the cycle of dieting and get your life back?

I’ve been where you are. I went from an overweight insecure woman to an over-dieted, restricted, burnt-out bikini competitor, only to rebound and gain over 20 pounds back.

Because I thought the only way to get fit and STAY fit was through hours of cardio, tracking every morsel of food, and skipping out on dessert.

So I created a lifestyle of wellness, fitness and nutrition that finally gave me the life-fitness balance I craved, and I’m passionate about sharing that with other people!

I needed to find balance. I needed to find a way to look good, feel good, and still be able to eat out on date night, enjoy dessert, and not feel guilty.

I’ll get you to create good habits so motivation won’t be needed! We’ll get clear on your goal, discuss obstacles and teach you the sustainable, successful way to get you feeling comfortable and sexy in your own skin.

This package is based on the analysis of specific nutritional questionnaires and food diaries. Basal Metabolic Rate calculation, IIFYM and Daily macros, total daily calorie intake calculation on request.

You receive: a tailored diet plan, nutrition advise, nutrition info pack and recipes.

Are you ready to end the cycle of unhealthy eating habits and bad dieting?


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