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Lose weight by eating on holiday.. Say whaaat!?

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We are soon full blown into the holiday season, and after your break you may feel bloated, lazy and fat.
 Well, most of us do…

But overindulging during the holidays does not have the spell the end of the road for your weight loss.

 In fact, having days where you overeat can actually boost your metabolism.

 Yes, you heard me correctly: overeating can actually help you lose weight.

 Hold on a second though., 

I am not telling you that everyday you are able to overeat and lose weight.

But the occasional feast, say your typical holiday meals, may actually be good for your metabolism.

 How come? Let me explain…

An Angel and Devil sits on your shoulder

We have some funny little hormones called Leptin and Ghrelin.

 When Leptin is increased you have a decrease in energy intake. Leptin is the good angel who makes you stop eating. From your fat cells travels to your brain, cuddles up to your hypothalamus and tells about what is going on in your stomach. This gets your body to eat less and burn more calories.

Ghrelin works in the opposite. Ghrelin is the little devil. It whispers in your ear and says; eat more…! Ghrelin is released in your stomach and tells your body and brain that you need to eat more because you are lacking on energy and/ or your tummy is not full. Low calorie diets are fab examples as you always feel hungry because Ghrelin levels stays elevated. So they are hard to maintain…! Now when you are overweight, your body becomes resistant to one key hormone and that is Leptin.

Check this out; your body might be resistant to Leptin and all its wonderful benefits?! And obesity, you are full-blown resistant to Leptin, which may make it harder for you to control food intake and also slows your metabolism.

Over indulging

When you occasionally overeat, your body releases Leptin allowing it to travel to your brain, telling you are full. Then, with all the calories you have ingested, your body wants to feel what it perceives as normal. So it speeds up calories burning to try to get your body back to normal. Stimulating your metabolism boost calories burn, preventing it from being stored as fat. So this gives your body the boost to stimulate fat burning! Hence I have one cheat meal a week…

What Else You Can Do…

You can help further speeding your metabolism by exercising. Indeed, exercise! This then burns extra calories and keeps your metabolism and fat burning fired.


The holiday season is a time of family, great food and plenty of calories. Bare in mind the length of the holiday though..! Indulging a few times per year for a MAXIMUM OF A WEEK, may stimulate your metabolism to new heights. But in order to maximize your metabolism-firing hormones, you need to do extra exercise to keep it firing.

Just remember to stick to your weight loss goals and enjoy yourself, and the feast in front of you!

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