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About me

I am a registered Precision Nutrition Coach and have a Level 3 Certificate in Nutrition and Dietary Planning. For the last 10 years, I have been working on a consultancy basis, offering food and nutritional advice to individuals and companies. I deliver corporate wellbeing sessions and also undertake specialist work on complex medical cases in adults.  Providing a person-centred approach to support the adoption of a healthy balanced diet, controlling weight and supporting healthy development through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits

  • One to one consultations
  • Specialist medical cases
  • Workshops
  • Wellbeing days
  • Menu development
  • Recipe analysis

I offer one to one advice for individuals, consultancy to companies.

I myself love food and as a descendant of a chef I fully understand everyone wants to eat great tasting food, the key is to ensure you take the right steps to ensure that your food is healthy and satisfying.

No individuals are alike on a biochemical or physical level. We are all different!

Through her research and experience, Fabiola discovered that there is no such as a thing as a normal diet that works for all. A given diet, on which some people might thrive and achieve the best shape of their lives, could easily cause others to feel drained and overweight.

People have a constant dilemma – What to eat? What foods are best for me?

There are so many articles and options out there but I wish there was an answer that suits all. Wouldn’t that be just great? Life is not so simple though.

a) BodyID System – Bespoke nutrition package

We are individual human beings on a physical and spiritual level. Fabiola is convinced her BodyID System is an unsurpassed method for administering dietary evaluations and developing dietary recommendations to each individual’s needs.

Your BodyID System Profile is based on correlating the following elements of your physical constitution:

  • The essential nutritional package (see below)
  • Baseline blood chemistry
  • Blood type
  • Metabolic type
  • Body type
  • Daily nutritional analysis
  • Blood test with Medichecks


The BodyID System results in ultimate metabolism-boosting effect, peak performance, lifestyle transformation, vitality and the bonus is a hot toned body!

b) The essential nutritional package


‘You are, what you eat’ 70% of the time. Get the diet right, and the required body composition will follow!

This package is based on the analysis of specific nutritional questionnaires and food diaries. Basal Metabolic Rate calculation, IIFYM and Daily macros, total daily calorie intake calculation on request.

You receive: a tailored diet plan, nutrition advise, nutrition info pack and recipes.

Check out Fabiola’ blog on nutrition here.

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