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Nutritional Myth Busting

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Carbs make you fat? Fat makes you fat? Sugar makes you fat?

Hold on a cotton picking second…

What do these macronutrients have in common? They contain calories. All diets work, the principle is the same: calorie deficit. That is eat fewer calories than you burn.

Calories will always be the driver of fat loss or gain, not what time you eat them. No carbs after 6pm or don’t eat after 6pm are huge dieting myths with zero logic behind them.

Think for a second; does your digestive system shut down at night? No, it doesn’t. Eating late at night and out of our normal rhythm may prompt weight gain and higher levels of blood sugar, which can raise the risk of chronic disease. What even more important than the timings is the types or amounts of food often consumed at night. People tend to choose more highly palatable items — sweet and salty foods, which tend to be more caloric — when they’re tired and have restrained themselves all day.

When you are feeling peckish just ask yourself a question…

A common myth in today’s society. You’re probably thirsty or tired rather than hungry. Unfortunately, the laws of energy balance are always valid. Chances are if you’re really eating that low in calories, you’re just moving even less due to tiredness and lethargy. If this is the case – Eat more and move more!

Summary: Find a method that works for you. Just not the liquid fat diet your colleague did that made her lose two stones and put it back on the following month. Follow the calorie deficit principle and you’re onto a winner.

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