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I am a registered Precision Nutrition Coach and have a Level 3 Certificate in Nutrition and Dietary Planning. For the last 10 years, I have been working on a consultancy basis, offering food and nutritional advice to individuals and companies.

My coaching philosophy is one that utilizes a flexible nutrition approach to help you create realistic, sustainable changes to your diet so that you can lose weight… and keep it off.

I don’t have a weight loss shake, a wrap, or a magic pill. Those are the short-term fixes that perpetuate the nonstop dieting cycle. And I’m here to end that cycle for good.


For individuals, I offer two online packages. All meal plans are specific to your goals and daily calorie intake!

Essential Nutrition Pack includes: 

  1.  Online multiple-choice nutritional questionnaires
  2.  Nutritional Assessment 
  3.  Lifestyle questionnaire
  4.  Basal Metabolic Rate calculation
  5.  Daily calorie intake calculation (on request) 
  6.  Food Diaries
  7.  IIFYM Macro calculation  
  8.  Bespoke Diet Plans
  9.  Recipes
  10.  Diet and Nutrition Info package 

Price: £97

Ultimate bespoke nutrition package includes:

Metabolic typing analysis

Nervous System Type analysis

Body Type Test (I work with over 20 body types)


Essential Nutritional Package (see above)

Note: please provide blood type. Baseline Blood Chemistry assessment with MediChecks (ask for info).

Price: £197


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