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Wellbeing at Work

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After spending long hours on the computer making you want to soothe your eyes with a splash of water. Not to mention the acute throbbing acute pain in your shoulders that you wish would just go away.  Put your head down as needs must but wait… How about if there is a magic formula that gives you relief in the nick of time?

There is no magic pills or portions needed. No extra pennies to be pinched. Only need you to do a few bits during the working day and the outcome is an immediate new product called the ‘New Fitter and Healthier You’. Does that sound appealing? Read on.

Studies shows that building small breaks that lifts your bum every 20 minutes will not only cut down on your health insurance cost but improve your performance.

If there’s more oxygen getting to your brain, you solve problems more readily. Just as athletes benefit from breathing pure oxygen, you can improve on a task that requires great mental effort says Andrew Scholey, director of Human Cognitive Neuroscience unite at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle.

Rather than reaching for an oxygen mask, take a break to walk outside for some fresh air that enhances your mental and physical performance. With British listed having the 58th fattest waistline amongst 81 countries by Forbes magazine, anyone who sits at the computer will gain some weight-related health issues over time.

So walking or participating in an exercise class lunchtime, doing some stretches at your desk at every 20 minutes will highly benefit you and will get you through the mountain of task a day at ease.

If you don’t have to have sitting meetings, why not take walking meetings? Just standing up doubles your calorie output. This new revolutionary corporate health trend is on the rise and recently been published in leading papers.

Corporate companies are becoming more susceptible to workplace health & wellbeing. Studies are showing that for every pound they spend on workplace wellness they get three pounds back by reducing employee sickness.

In Fabiola’s upcoming ‘FabCamp’ project that will be delivered to the corporate sector, she will list of practical wellness tips, such as mini-back bends and stretches, eye-yoga, stress management tools such as breathing technique, activity measuring phone apps and nutritional expert tips, an interactive session , tailored to a day at the office.

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