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Fitness & Wellbeing Expert I Movement Coach I Nutritionist

Mission Statement

‘I help you to make better choices within the context of your life. There is no generic advice, everything is tailored to your individual requirements.’

Fabiola’s focus is to impact an individual life in a meaningful way by having a better movement that is: alleviating injuries and functional imbalances at the beginning of your exercise regime. Therefore, you can move faster.

Fabiola is more like a lifestyle manager continuously helping her clients on a daily basis with making the right health & wellbeing choices: eating behaviour, sleep management, self-management and self-care.

Services to Suit You

My focus is to impact your life in a meaningful way by having; better movement, food choices, eating behavior, self-management and self-care. I am a Pre and Post Natal Specialist Online Coach.

What Her Clients Say

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